What are the NY/NY Agreements?

  • There have been three City-State “New York/New York Agreements” to create permanent supportive housing – the first in 1990, the second in 1998, and the third in 2005. 
  • Combined, all three NY/NY agreements have created more than 14,000 new supportive housing units since 1990.
  • NY/NY supportive housing agreements have been successful in reducing use of other public systems and have produced significant cost savings.
  • A December 2013 analysis by the City’s health department found that the “NY/NY III Agreement” reduced use of shelters, hospitals, psych centers and incarceration, for an average net public savings of $10,100/unit per year.  Previous studies have also found significant cost savings from previous NY/NY Agreements.
  • NY/NY II also decreased chronic homelessness among single adults by 47% in first 5 years, and provided stability with more than 75% of NY/NY III tenants remaining housed after two years.