Why do we need more supportive housing?

  • A record 60,000 people, including 25,000 children sleep in New York City homeless shelters each night.  An additional 7,400 people stay in shelters outside New York City every quarter. Thousands more sleep on the streets or stay in abandoned buildings and makeshift campsites.
  • It is estimated that at least two-thirds of the street homeless population; 30-to-40% of homeless adults without children in shelters; and 10-to-15% of homeless families with children are in need of permanent supportive housing.
  •  There is a great need for new supportive housing resources. More than 20,000 New York City households are found eligible for supportive housing each year, but there’s currently only one housing unit available for every six eligible applicants. The statewide estimated unmet annual need for supportive housing is 24,100 units.
  • This ratio will only worsen if a new statewide supportive housing agreement is not reached this year. The current City-State supportive housing production initiative, New York/New York III, is expiring. There will be no operating or service dollars going forward unless we have an agreement.